Intelligent Timer Socket (KWE-TM02-US)

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  • More Weekly Timers : unlike other weekly timers, our timer can handle up to 20 weekly on-off timing programs, making it more flexible for your different needs
  • Delay ON/OFF Timing : with the delay on/off timing, it can start (or cut off) power for your appliance after a set period of time from 1s to 99h59m59s
  • Safeguard Your Home: the random vacation mode can have your lights go on/off at varying times to help mystify and deter burglars while you're not home
  • Widely Used: with its grounded outlet, it can be widely used on most of your appliances such as Christmas lights, all kinds of small pumps, fans, air heaters...
  • User Friendly: completely silent for home use; large screen for clearer view of digits and numbers; built-in battery to retain your programs during power outages

Automate Your Home. Simplify Your Life.

Techbee Timer Plug features up to 20 separate weekly timers, a countdown timer and an anti-theft random timer. The weekly timer is usually used to have your appliances on/off regularly and periodically to streamline your daily routines; the countdown timer can work as a delay on or delay off timer;and the random timer serves as a perfect thief detergent by having your lights on/off randomly to mystify burglars when you are not home.

  • up to 20 separate weekly timers
  • 16 preset combinations of days
  • countdown and turn on/off mode (maximum 100 hours)
  • anti-theft random mode
  • large screen for better view of the screen
  • manual override to allow you to switch on/off as needed
  • battery backup to retain your settings during power outages

Timer on a specific day

The timers can be applied on a specific day. For example, you can set the plug-in timer to turn off at 6:00 am and back on at 6:02 am each Sunday to restart your router to refresh your internet on a weekly basis.

Timer for every day (daily timer)

The timers can also be applied to every day of the week. For example, with the timer you can have your Christmas lights automatically come on at 4:20 pm and go off at 9:55 pm each day, saving you the trouble of manual operation.

Timer on selected days of the week

The timers can even be set over numerous patterns of days of the week. For example,to set the bedside lamp to come on at 7:25 am and off at 8:05 am every Monday thru Friday to wake you up to develop a good living hab

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